Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back to the Blog!

Sorry dear readers for my absence.  Things have been a little busy.  And I'm sad I've missed posting many delicious meals.  Below is a photo from a particularly good should-have-been-blogged meal.

But first, a healthy summer dessert treat!  It comes out thick, creamy, sweet, minty and delicious!  Also comes out a pretty pale orange color, flecked with red and green.

Minty Fruit "Sherbet"
2 servings.  Technically more like a frozen yogurt-smoothie-cream but sherbet is the closest noun that describes its taste and texture.

1/2 pound frozen mango chunks (half a regular sized bag)
4 frozen strawberries
1 frozen fruit pop (I used an old large acai berry frozen bar)
4 dates, pitted
5 fresh mint leaves
About 1 cup of plain yogurt (regular style, not Greek/strained)

Blend it all up.  You'll need a high quality blender for this and I wanted it thick so had to frequently use my tamper to press everything through the blades of my Vitamix.

A post I wish I would have done was this dinner I made many weeks ago, made with warm fresh fava beans and local asparagus with a light dressing and parmesan shavings:

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